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I’m Your Listing AgentVince Reina

Since I started my career in Real Estate my main focus has been on helping folks, like you, sell their homes. I have worked hard to understand the market and to come up with new ways of getting a home sold without resorting to huge price drops and loss of equity. You deserve better than to be pressured into dropping your list price because your agent wasn’t up front with you from the beginning of the process. I only list homes I know I can sell and I won’t take an overpriced listing. That means you don’t have to worry about wasting time and losing money because your home was priced so far out of the market it should never have been listed.

I Sell Homes Faster and For More

As of last year, my sales stats showed my homes sold in an average of 35 days and for 98.465% of list price. That means less time keeping the house up for showings that may or may not result in a sale. It also means you can move on with your goals with more money in your pocket after closing.

I’m Your Listing Agent

Home buying is not an easy process but I can make it easier. My home buyers consult helps us narrow our focus to just the homes on the market you absolutely love in doing that we streamline the process. Too many times home buyers are shown 20 or more homes only to feel frustrated that they can't make a choice. By focusing on the best homes that match your criteria my home buyers usually see less than 8 homes before putting an offer on one. Less showings means less frustration and more time to decide on what color you should paint the living room.

 Your NO B.S. Agent

You may want to think twice about hiring me to sell your home! Yes, I just said it. I’m not for everyone. I don’t do subtle and I speak my mind. I will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I won’t pull up in your driveway in a Mercedes, I drive a pickup truck. I don’t do pretentious, I’m here to help you sell your home NOT sell myself. Bottom line, I take pride in being able to help people sell their home and in being able to specialize in listings. I know I can help you too.

For a NO pressure, NO obligation consult just give me a call or email me at:

(863) 271-8700 or vince@thereinateam.com



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